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Shop kayak cords & assorted extra fittings from Point 65 Sweden. Includes bungee & reflective cords, assorted deck fittings & more. Compatible with Point 65 Sweden kayaks. Fast worldwide shipping on in-stock products!

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        Globe 5000, 1.7mm line by world-renowned yacht rope maker FSE Robline. Standard issue rudder line on all Point 65 kayaks. The 32-fold braided covering of the Globe 5000 is placed on...

        Decklina, Elastisk 5,5mm

        Durable 5,5 mm marine grade bungee cord. Standard fitted on the deck of Point 65 kayaks. Select how many meters in length and desired color when adding the product to your shopping...

        Reflekterande Däckslina (5,5mm)

        Stark 5,5 mm "marine grade" reflekterande high-visibility däckslina. Standard på Point 65 kajaker. Varan säljs per meter, valt antal indikerar hur många meter. 


        The Toggle fits on most kayaks on the market. They are used on the following Point 65 models: Whisky 16, XO13, XO11, Tequila!, Gemini, Mercury, Rum RunnerAs well as the following...

        Deckfitting 2

        Specifications: Throughout the 5 mm screw from the top (most often used in plastic kayaks). Screws not included.